Pro Audio

Block out unwanted sound and stay mobile on stage with this set of high-resolution, sound-isolating in-ear monitors. Featuring clear high frequencies and warm bass tones, these dual-driver earphones are engineered for precision, durability, and comfort.
Condenser Microphones

Condenser microphone

A professional condenser mic featuring an exclusive electronic design, this mic can reduce self-noise and has a wide dynamic range. Ideal for stage and studio.
Condenser Microphones

USB condenser microphone

This USB back electret condenser microphone is perfect for musicians needing to record vocals and instruments alike. This clear and precise sounding mic features smooth frequency response.
Dynamic Microphones

USB dynamic microphone set

This USB dynamic cardioid microphone is ideal for beginner vocalists and podcasters looking for warm and focused sound. Affordable and easy to use, this plug and play mic features a smooth and extended frequency response.
Stage Monitors

5’’ 2-way active studio monitor

Precise and accurate, our studio monitors are perfect for musicians, audio engineers and music producers with an ear for detailed sound. Designed with a neutral sound image and offers excellent pan positioning.
Bands and Orchestra

Miniature gooseneck instrument microphone

A flexible, fully adjustable gooseneck microphone designed for easy placement and adaptable to any angle. Featuring a wide frequency response and superb natural sound, this compact and lightweight mic is a great addition to any audio setup.
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