USB microphones

Condenser Microphones

USB condenser microphone

This USB back electret condenser microphone is perfect for musicians needing to record vocals and instruments alike. This clear and precise sounding mic features smooth frequency response.
Dynamic Microphones

USB dynamic microphone set

This USB dynamic cardioid microphone is ideal for beginner vocalists and podcasters looking for warm and focused sound. Affordable and easy to use, this plug and play mic features a smooth and extended frequency response.
Condenser Microphones

USB studio condenser microphone

This USB studio microphone features a perfect cardioid pickup pattern. It requires no additional drivers, and thanks to its large condenser capsule, the SUM50 excels where detailed sound is important. Great for vocals and instruments.
Condenser Microphones

Double condenser USB microphone, metal finish

High-quality, multi-pattern cardioid USB microphone featuring advanced noise reduction technology, all-metal appearance, and elegant design. Great for vocals, podcasts and instruments, it uses USB audio interface and zero-delay monitor output.
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