Tri-Tone Pad with bag

An easy-to-use, compact version of the Bongo Cajón. With the crisp snare punch and the dual-tone sound of the bongo on one surface, experience a whole new percussion universe with this unique instrument.

Bongo cajón

Two classic sounds in one inventive new instrument - the Bongo Cajón! With the low-end bass punch, snare top-end slap of the cajón, and the high-pitched, dual-tone sound of the bongo, you get greater sound possibilities for your playing.

Cannon Cajon with extra bass punch

A deeper, more powerful version of our classic cajón thanks to the special subwoofer-like cabinet design. With extra bass punch and sensitive snare top-end slap, the Cannon Cajón delivers an explosive sound with greater projection.
With low-end punch, snare-like top-end slap, and well-rounded tones, the Crate Cajón delivers those classic flamenco rhythms with style. Featuring a rustic look and vintage feel, this impressive instrument is perfect for beginners or passionate percussionists.
Rodoma 1-8 iš 8 prekės(-ių)
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