Bands and Orchestra

Perfectly suited for marching, traditional jazz, and early big bands, this sousaphone features rich and resonant tones with excellent volume and projection. The brass-coloured body provides an authentic character with a vintage feel.
Designed with a unique front-facing bell for greater projection, this marching French horn features great intonation and performs well in the upper and lower registers. It’s rich and warm tones are similar to the traditional French horn.
Soprano Saxophones

Bb Soprano Saxophone, straight body

A great sounding entry-level soprano sax. The adjustable thumb rest adds an extra touch of comfort, and the instrument comes with a convenient soft case.
Fanfare Trumpets

Eb Fanfare Trumpet, body in brass

Our full line of signal instruments - from hunting horns to cavalry trumpets - covers the complete spectrum of this unique family of horns. These high-quality instruments feature powerful projection, traditional feel, and good playability for an impressive performance experience.
Bb Trumpets with Rotary Valves

Bb Rotary Trumpet, Brass body, w/trigger

With improved playability and smooth, responsive action, this is the ideal trumpet for intermediate players, music schools, and orchestras. A durable, high-quality instrument.
Alto Saxophones

Eb Alto Saxophone, in form case

The top choice for music classes and schools, this comfortable and user-friendly alto sax produces a large and powerful sound, perfect for pop and rock & roll.
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